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Zebra Stripe 2.0

Zebra Stripe 2.0

Put ‘black and white’ in Google and you will get 1.8 billion hits – you’ll only get one for Zebra Stripe 2.0. That’s how Yolomen roll.
But are black and white colours? Possibly one of the most debated issues in fashion. Is black the absence of colour and therefore not a colour? Is white the combination of all colours and therefore the ultimate colour? Fortunately we are not constrained by mainstream fashion and so don’t give a shit. It’s not grey and looks cool.

Yolomen jackets are made with a durable but light twill weave fabric, so you can rock it in comfort all year round.

Please Note: Pattern and colours may vary slightly on final product.

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Free shipping! 21 Days turn around from order to your door.

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