The Original A Team

Yolomen was dreamt up, as most great ideas are, over a few too many drinks.

A group of regular guys, fed up with regular clothes, decided that life was too short to wear black and grey. They headed to the coast, dressed in the loudest gear that they could find, for a weekend of good times. After receiving countless comments about their outrageous dress sense, the guys got thinking.

They came back from their weekend of merriment feeling remarkably refreshed and invigorated, albeit a little hungover. This feeling of freedom, they figured, shouldn’t be restricted to holidays. Why couldn’t they bring a bit of colour to the rest of their lives?

Yolomen jackets are for anyone that isn’t cut from the average cloth. Our wild prints, premium fabrics and exceptional tailoring are guaranteed to set you apart; no matter the occasion, a Yolomen suit jacket is sure to kick it up a notch.

At Yolomen, we offer free shipping and custom tailoring to your measurements. We’re also proud supporters of beyondblue, an Australian organisation working to raise awareness for, and reduce the stigma of, anxiety and depression.

Stand up, stand tall, and stand out. Life’s too short for grey.


Here at Yolomen, our dazzling jackets are both smart, and totally, brilliantly absurd. That’s the ethos in a nutshell; you only live once, so why wear grey?